Our Business Principle

As an Importer of premium and sustainable products,

we focus in our partnership and working ethics through

  • – Quality-
    |- Production-
    -History and Culture-
    -&Green Environment-
Bringing you the best

Food and Beverage Quality Products!!!

We are The Ambassador of of our producers in the food and drinks trade industry.

What we stand for

Our Values

History and Culture/ Origin

Dambassador encourages tasting and learning as we acknowledge the  producers and their traditional way of their production. Awareness is the key to Understanding!  our knowledge to each culture and origin of our products will give importance on how we consume and utilize it in our daily lives.


Dambassador is Focusing in every detail process from the roots of our principal’s agricultural production and manufacturing up to its packaging and distribution.
Our products are natures’ best since our partnered producers are practicing the environmental guidelines for the production.


All our selected imports are exclusively trusted to us by our principals, hence, we have our partnered professional consultants from food to beverages.